First Post!

Howdy and welcome to my blog, Eric Explores the World! My name is Eric Men and I live in Dallas in the great state of Texas. Here is where I plan on sharing photos, stories, and trip reports from my travels and adventures across the state, America the Beautiful, and the world.

Although I have been interested in seeing the world ever since I was in my late teens, and been to a few states with family, it really wasn’t until last year when I really began to put my dreams into plans and action. I remember looking at a map of the country and thinking to myself that I’d like to see all fifty states before kicking the bucket. Ended up seeing seven states and three international destinations before 2017 was all set and done, and there’s no plan to stop!

Checking out Chicago aka Windy City from the Willis Tower!

Travel is truly more than just flying or driving somewhere, snapping a few photos, and coming back.  It is about having perspective about another region’s way of life, understanding the role the place played in humanity and history, and quite frankly, just realizing that there is much more out there than the daily bubble we live in.

This is my first time creating a blog- so I too am learning something new in the process of sharing all of my memorable moments with y’all on here! Thanks for reading, and be sure to follow @ericexplorestheworld to catch every post!