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Picture of Eric Men
Dobbins Lookout, Phoenix, Arizona.

Travel is something I have taken interest in ever since childhood. At 18 months old, I took my first trip – visiting Taiwan, my family’s country of origin. While growing up, I would remember myself thoroughly enjoying the experience of getting to visit different places, whether that was touring NASA in Houston or relaxing at the beaches of Tampa. In high school, I began taking flight lessons, eventually becoming a certified pilot.

Saw this Vietnam-era F-111 fighter jet just sitting here outside the airport of the central Texas town of Brownwood.

After becoming a pilot, I began doing trips to various cities and small towns, mainly within Texas, to build flight time – a venture that has taken me all over the Lone Star State. It was also around this time I had the opportunity to travel to different states as well in my spare time, and set a goal to see all fifty states. Exploring the world and crossing destinations off your bucket list, whether near or far, is something that is within anyone’s reach with some planning. Travel really can be as economical as it is fun!

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